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The prints you see here are a process called giclèe, which means “spray of ink” in French. There is no dot pattern here, and all colors of ink are sprayed on the paper at one time, by a press controlled by a computer. The giclèe prints were made by Peter West at World West Gallery in Washington, PA. He is the best printmaker I've ever worked with, and his gallery is a joy to behold.

Each print has been inspected, signed and numbered by myself. They are mounted on foamcore with plastic corners and shrinkwrapped. Each has a certificate on the back that explains the printing process, contains the edition number, and tells a story about the inspiration for the painting.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about printing; I don’t wish to bore those of you who aren’t nerds with technical stuff.



Click on any image to see a larger view and for sizing/pricing information.


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